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Tuition Fees





 Tuition Fees: $2200.00 p.a. or $550.00 per term First Child

 $2000.00 p.a. or $500.00 per term Second Child

 $1800.00 p.a. or $450.00 per term Third Child

 $1560.00 p.a. or $390.00 per term Fourth Child


 Tuition Fees:

$3200.00 p.a. or $800.00 per term First Child

 $2900.00 p.a. or $725.00 per term Second Child

 $2700.00 p.a. or $675.00 per term Third Child

 $2400.00 p.a. or $600.00 per term Fourth Child


Concession for siblings attending the School at the same time.

 As shown above, a concession on school fees is granted for multiple siblings attending the  school at the same time. As of 2014, the charging of tuition fees will be capped at four children  per family, with fifth and subsequent siblings attending on a Tuition Fee free basis. Other  charges, such as resource levies, bus fees, excursions, sporting fees etc. will continue to be  charged for all students as applicable, unless stated otherwise.

 Private arrangements cannot be entered into in relation to school fees as they are fixed at the  above rates for the Year 2014. Consideration will be given however, to payment of these fees on  a regular periodic basis. This is a privilege and not a right and will be withdrawn if payments  fall into arrears.


Initial Enrolment Fees

 Note:These fees are for enrolment only and are not credited towards school fees. All fees and charges are inclusive of GST (if applicable).

 Application Fee       $50 per family, charged only on the first child’s application for enrolment  at the school, to be sent with the Enrolment Application. This fee is nonrefundable.

 Acceptance Fee        $200 per family is required to confirm enrolment, on the first student  only, when the school offers placement. This fee is non‐refundable.

 Bond of:                    $500 per family, payable prior to commencement at the School. This bond will be held for the duration of each family’s enrolment at St  Philomena School and refunded, without interest, when the last student  in the family leaves the school and all accounts are settled.


Payment of Fees and Charges

 Fees and charges are invoiced at the beginning of each term.

 The preferred method of payment of term invoices is by Direct Credit into the school’s bank  account, details of which are provided on the invoice or can be obtained from the school  administration office.  

Accounts not paid within 30 days may incur an administration charge, unless a specific written settlement arrangement has been made with the School.

 If a family considers that they may have difficulty in paying fees in any term they should contact  the Principal before the fees are due, and make acceptable alternate arrangements for the  payment of the fees. The School may accept deferred payment of fees. 


Extra Charges

 Additional charges will also be made for special presentations and programs, excursions and  resources & learning materials supplied by the School.


Resource Levy

 From the 2014 school year, a Primary School Resource Levy of $50.00 per student per term will  be charged and included on term invoices. Monies from the Resource Levy are used to provide  Primary Students with text books, stationery, workbooks, art and craft supplies and day‐to‐day  resources used in the classroom throughout the year. From 2014, rather than the previous  arrangement of the school ordering in book packs and then invoicing families, Secondary School  Students will be responsible for the purchase of their own book packs, which will be available  via an online ordering system with our school supplier. Ordering of book packs via this facility  will ensure all supplies are uniform, items already owned don’t have to be ordered again and  families will be able to avail themselves of pricings lower than retail. Additional Secondary  resources, such as art supplies, science lab supplies, worksheets, hire of class set text books and  novels etc. will be covered by the Queensland Textbook & Resource Allowance which gets paid  directly to the school for each Secondary Student by the Depart of Education, Training &  Employment (DETE) on your behalf.


Grounds Fee

 A standard grounds fee of $75 per family per term will apply. This will be charged to your  school account.


Building Levy

Future development of the School relies to a considerable extent on money raised through voluntary contributions to the Saint Philomena School Building Fund. Building alterations, minor building projects, major renovations and new buildings are made possible by Building  Fund donations, as School Fees are not set to cover all this work. A voluntary Building Levy  Contribution of $200.00 per family, per annum will be included on the first term’s fee invoice.

All voluntary contributions to the Saint Philomena School Building Fund are tax deductible and receipts for same will be issued at the end of each financial year to all parents who have paid the  levy.



 A student’s enrolment is deemed to be continuous for the span of education years provided by  the School. Notification to the Principal, in writing, is required to advise of the withdrawal of all  students leaving the school for reasons other than graduation. In the event of a student leaving  the school mid‐term, the full term’s fees remain payable.

 Please Note: The above schedule of fees and charges are set by the School Board and may vary  from time to time as determined by the School Board.


Fr Karl Pepping



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